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Why patiperro - a word about myself


Thank you for checking my website. I hope it will became an inspiration for you to come forward and make some of your dreams come true.


My name is Maciek. Some time ago a Chilean police lady called me patiperro, which roughly means a wayfarer, vagabond or more literalily: a strolling dog. In Chile this is a compliment which you earn hard. So the title of this website was born. For it happens that traveling is my passion. Especially in South America. Especially on the bike. So is mountaneering. And the combination of the three perfectly satisfies the masochistic side of me.


I also like taking pictures, drinking yerba mate and talking. In consequence my friends try to avoid these topics altogether. They know that when they only mention the Andes or cycling, I will never cease talking. It doesn't matter if somebody is listening. And because usually no one is listening, I had an idea to create this website. Now I can talk to the entire world.

lanin climb