Latin America in the pictures

Here are the children of my two long-lasting loves – to photography and to Latin America. Some galleries on this page refer to certain geographical regions, some others focus rather on a subject than a place. If you are not interested in anything particular, you don’t have time or just want to glimpse a few nice random pictures from Latin America, check the gallery to the right. ------------->


Each image below opens one photo compilation. From every successive travel I bring home more and more pictures. But still, in comparison with what I have seen and lived through they are no more than a peek through the key hole. If you are really interested what is out there behind that door, pack your bags, hop on a plane and see it with your own eyes.

foto impressions


My photo equipment have evolved. During the first trip it was an old German Practica, supplemented with a simple waterproof compact camera. Then for some time I was using Pentax SLR. Many pictures here are actually the scanes of the slides from that period. When in 2007 I found out that there was no more place in Santiago to get my slides developed, willy-nilly I had to go digital. Still I have remained faithful to Pentax. In situations when dragging around a DSLR and a set of heavy lenses is not convenient I use tiny Canon G9. But trully I miss the times when all the quality of the picture came down to the moment you pressed the button.

Animals' portraits
Cordon del Plata Northern Peru Hummingbirds
Chilean rodeo Volcanoes Araucania